Microgaming Swings Its Moby Dick

Do your slots hang low, can you fling them to and fro, can you tie them in a knot, can you tie them in a bow? Do you get that funny feeling when they’re hanging from a ceiling? Because you’ll never be a sailor if your slots hang low. Okay…let’s get it all out our systems and have a good laugh at Moby Dick…then try our hands (aha!) at Microgaming’s Moby Dick slot.

Put Moby Dick In Your Hand

We’re talking about playing the mobile slot, Moby Dick, a five reel, 25 payline slot that sees Microgaming take our slots play to the next level and gives new life to Herman Melville’s famous novel.  With ocean views, Captain Ahab on screen with harpoon in hand, we sing a ‘yo ho ho’ and start spinning the reels.

During our spinning voyage, we encounter Freezing Wins – any symbols that increase in combination will freeze in place. This continues until there are no additional wins and the amount built up heads straight into our account. The giant Whale Mouth is the Free Spins Scatter and gives us 10 free spins when it appears four times. If it appears seven times we get double the amount! Combine the spins with the Freezing Wins and playing around with Moby Dick is a very pleasing experience.

The Seaman’s Gift

I may have taken this opportunity to be rather smutty but I have got only huge praise for Microgaming’s Moby Dick slot. It’s nifty animations before the free spins and the Freezing Wins feature that gives us regular boosts to our wins make this a standout slot to rival any other. It’s another seemingly effortless turn from Microgaming.

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