Microgaming’s Reel Talent Has Still Got The Voice

The Voice TV show keeps on rocking to success with around four million viewers. But surely there’s only so much Will.I.Am we can take? We’re done with auto-tune. And we’re pretty much fed up of all the reality shows. Except one. The flashy wolf guitarists, big cat singers and magic rabbits we see on Microgaming’s Reel Talent slot.

The Slots Show Of A Lifetime

If we gave you the elevator pitch of a Rabbit Magician, Wolf Guitarist, Lion Singer and Crocodile Firebreather all lining up in an epic talent show, you’d be sure to tune in. Microgaming’s Reel Talent slot promises just that over five reels and 20 paylines, and is a concept born from the studio’s partnership with Just for the Win. It puts us in the judge’s seats and the stars come on the stage in form of animal performers. The Lion awards us 15 times our stake when it appears five times on a payline, singing in the wins.

There’s a Symbol Storage feature on this slot, which is triggered with a winning symbol. It’s stored while we get a Respin and then we continue but if we get three of the same symbols during a spin, the Superspin feature is triggered.

Microgaming and JFTW’s partnership has seen the duo explore fresh new slots concepts and with three different levels to the bonus round there is plenty fresh to enjoy here. The Showtime Superspin, Big Stage Superspin or the Solo Performance Superspin take us right into the realms of talent show heaven. These rounds only contain our stored symbols as we spin, but the Solo Performance can lead us to an extremely precise 605.25 times our stake, so it’s always worth holding out for the individual talent!

Making It A Show Stopping Reality

No Tom Jones. No Will.I.Am. No more reality singers. Instead, we get a bunch of animal performers who really deliver the goods. And by goods, we mean wins. Which is a lot better than having to sit through any TV show.

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