Time For Monster Madness

Everybody loves a good monster. That includes us and Tom Horn Gaming. Probably more Tom Horn Gaming as it only went and created the Monster Madness Slot. But then again, maybe us, because we love playing it. OK, let’s stop the conflict in our brains and concentrate on what matters – how great monsters are. In slot form, of course.

Taking A Trip In Monster City

Fancy traveling to a cute monster monstropolis where we see monorails whizzing by in the background? Tom Horn Gaming’s Monster Madness Slot takes us to that very place with a nifty intro before we land upon the three reel, 8 payline slot that will see our adventure unfold. More importantly, we’re looking at the little blue, two-headed monster on the right of the reels. If you were firing up this game getting ready for a spooky slot you will be pleasantly surprised. There is nothing spooky about the cute yellow sweater (and no pants, because, you know, monsters don’t) and the way this monster gazes at the reels, waiting for us to spin. With each spin it gets excited, shaking its hands and jumping up and down on the spot. When we win, it joins in on the celebrations! It’s all pretty neat.

The main symbols are comprised of various monsters but the Green-Eyed beast is important as it activates the Free Spins. When this happens, our blue hued friend runs away, the reels move to the other side of the screen and greeny becomes the mascot as we use the Free Spins and play towards 200 times our stake. Some might say…it’s monster madness.

Having A Scream

Monsters do still have the ability to make us scream. Just not in the way they used to. On Monster Madness they have us shrieking like banshees as the wins come cascading in. And that’s the good type of screaming. If you think of any more, then you’ve got a dirty mind.

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