Why Microgaming’s Slots Will Live On

Microgaming has to be one of the most prestigious names in the world of online gaming. The Isle of Man-based studio is a pioneer of next-generation gaming and a creator of award-winning mobile slots. Its secret to success undoubtedly has something to do with the many licensed mobile slots it has to its name, but I reckon it’s missing out on a few tricks, too. Just hear me out…

From The Big Screen To The Mobile Screen

The studio has a history of creating movie-themed slot adaptations, though of course it offers much more than that. In fact, Microgaming doesn’t just base them on a movie, it recreates these audiovisual treats in slot form. Terminator 2, The Dark Knight, Phantom of the Opera, Jurassic Park and Jurassic World are just some of the fully awesome licenced slots it created.

But what if Microgaming worked closer with movie studios to plug the slot, rather than the other way around? For instance, in Jurassic World, there’s that classic scene in the bubble orb where the mobile phone goes off and alerts the dinosaurs. There easily could have been a quick glance at the screen to see that they were playing the Jurassic World slot – and that’s what set it off! Jurassic World within Jurassic World! A slot within a movie! Or why didn’t the new Terminator film have Arnie processing the mobile slot from his CPU? Can you see the possibilities here?

Bridging The Gap From Movies To Slots

Why wait for a movie to come out and then get licensing rights to create a mobile slot based on it? Microgaming are obviously in cahoots with the right people, so it’s in a perfect position to cross over its slots into film. Come on Microgaming, what do you say? We’re talking slots synergy, here, of the purest kind.




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