UK Doffs Its Online Casino Cap

As online wagers are set to top over $1 trillion by 2022 (!) the UK Advertising Standards Committees of Advertising Practice publishes a new set of standards on gambling which will see a cap on advertising, coming into effect from April 2 this year. Oomph.

New Standards To Stamp Out Problem Gambling

Do you believe that playing online slots and mobile casino games should be an enjoyable experience? I do. It shouldn’t be misleading and players shouldn’t suffer for it. So I, for one, can understand completely why there we need new standards imposed on free bets and bonuses. The new standards are to comprise of restrictions on urgency, trivialisation of gambling and irresponsible perception of risk – all of which is to help protect problem gamblers.

The new standards are to come into effect on 2nd April this year and will be used by the Advertising Standards Authority when considering complaints about adverts. The guidelines on free bets and bonuses will come into effect on Wednesday 14 April, meaning gaming companies can’t play it foot loose and fancy free anymore. They have to comply with the advertising standards and make it clear so they don’t target vulnerable gamers.

What To Expect Next?

We’ll see a big change in advertising on TV, that’s for sure. Adverts will have to make sure they don’t present free bet and bonus offers that could easily influence problem gamblers. Online casinos have already been making it clear for a while but will no doubt continue to do so. This means highlighting promotional offers not just hidden in terms and conditions, but within the promotion itself. To be fair, the online casino world has been doing it well for a while. But with online wagers on the rise, let’s see what April brings.

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