NetEnt Doubles Our Jacks

When we hit the tables, we like to think we’re cool, calm and collected characters. Players that exude confidence when we take our seats. James Bonds, if you like. In reality, we’re nothing like that. Forget suits, we’re still in PJs drinking orange from the cartoon (shaken, not stirred) and we’re visiting online casinos on our mobile. However, one thing up our sleeves that is pretty darn cool and something that Bond would be envious of is the Double Jack side bet which we’ve been utilising on NetEnt’s Blackjack Professional Series.

Double The Fun, Double The Funds

NetEnt were already onto a winner with its Blackjack Professional Series as it created a range of popular Blackjack games, all of which come with impressive features. And we’re not just talking the basic features, such as 3D gaming, top visuals and live casino offering. That’s just a given. We’re talking about the kind of features that make it hugely rewarding when we beat the Dealer.

The different varieties such as single Deck, Pro Low and Pro High add some spice to our Blackjack experience. But it’s the Double Jack side bet which really stands out. Before we place our bet, we can make a side bet on the first two cards in our hand, with the chance to win 100 times the bet. The Double Jack wins when the first, or first and second, cards in the regular hands are Jacks.

Jacking On

Sure, it’s a gamble to make that side bet and hope for Jacks. But isn’t that what makes it so exhilarating? It adds a ‘je ne sais quoi’ to classic Blackjack but, more importantly, it has the potential to payout potent portions! And that is why we’re still here sipping orange juice. Mmh. Tastes good!


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