Adapting Movies To Online Slots

Gaming companies will always have a huge catalogue of themes to base its online slots on. Sometimes they can be as simple as themes like “Irish”, “Egyptian” or the “Orient” – there are plenty of slots out there just on these three themes alone. But one area that remains popular is movie adaptations. Blockbuster action on the slots, character likeness rights and exclusive content take slot play to a different direction.

Rich Territory

Hollywood is raking it all in as it churns out film after film, along with all the merchandising that comes with it. That slots developers also get in on the action is a joy for movie and slot lovers alike. From comedy to horror to action, whatever the theme, whatever the film – you can guarantee that there’ll be a slot about it.

Blueprint’s Ted Slot is a perfect example. The titular character is zonked out against the reels and provides us with a zany slot experience with an incredible 11 bonus features. Or we can join Chris Pratt (he might have had a name in the film but he essentially plays himself) on Jurassic World as we see what the Indominus Rex can sink its teeth into. Action then turns to horror on Microgaming’s Halloween slot as Michael Myers sends shivers down our spine.

Aaaand Action

With the popularity of movies always on the rise, the slot equivalents will prove to be popular too. And there are just so many of them – Phantom of the Opera and Planet of the Apes are just two other recent examples of popular films blazing trails on the reels. But as we love films and slots, this won’t ever be a bad thing. Popcorn time.



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