NetEnt’s 2017 €78m Jackpot Payout

Not all in one go. That really would be an epic jackpot. Euromillions rollover territory. This is the news that NetEnt delivered scores of life-changing jackpots in 2017. This story puts further meat to the bones that there still remains plenty of reasons to plump for jackpot online slots like NetEnt’s Divine Fortune, slots which can see us bag epic windfalls from minimum spin outlay.

Other Jackpots Are Available

While Divine Fortune wasn’t one of the jackpot slots cited by NetEnt in its jackpot bonanza press release, it still boasts Minor, Major and Progressive Mega Jackpots that any slots fan would be happy to take home. Add to this NetEnt’s trademark excellence in game design and graphics, plus an in-game Wild on Wild feature that can build balances nicely and we have a winning formula that leaves us with only the winning to worry about.

What Would You Do With Your Mega Jackpot?

Henrik Fagerlund, Chief Product Officer of NetEnt, said “Being able to offer players the chance to win big is what keeps them coming back and we’re over the moon that we can repay their loyalty.” And we players are over the moon that we have the shot at being repaid. And then some. If you add up all the money you’ve put into online slots in your adult gaming life, there’s no way that it would come close to the kind of jackpots players can scoop from landing wide area progressive jackpots like those in the aptly named Divine Fortune.  That’s why we play them. And it’s why we love them, too.


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