Why Immortal Romance Beats Real Romance

Love and romance. We see it everywhere. On TV, on films, in novels. For some of us, even in real life. It’s inescapable. Is that why Immortal Romance is more popular than ever? It certainly caters for everyone who loves romance or is in love. Or for those who just have a penchant for vampires.

Better Than The Real Thing

Microgaming’s Immortal Romance slot was released way back in 2011 and is still one of the most popular slots around. It seems that Immortal Romance is not just for Christmas, but for any time anybody wants some epic love in slot form. This is surely due to the main themes of love, intrigue, vampires and mystery – themes made popular by the mid-90s Buffy craze. But another reason it’s so hugely popular is its amazing bonus round, the Chamber of Spins feature. Each time we land three or more of the Lion Door Knocker symbols, we can activate free spins, learn more about each character and receive different bonuses. The plot thickens!

All of which is a stark contrast to slots based on real romance. Take Doctor Love and Doctor Love on Vacation as perfect examples. Although we say ‘real romance’, this is a bit of a stretch, too. The Doctor Love games are more of a caricature of love. Devilishly handsome GPs (or a surgeon, we’re not sure of his speciality), buxom assistants and syringes and other medical paraphernalia make up the graphics. It’s an idea of love. An old one we’d see in the back of newspapers. Does Love exist there? Or just potential malpractice suits?

Love In Its Purest Form

While the Doctor Love slots are fun to play, it’s mainly due to its colourful animations and over-the-top features. It’s not a representation of true love, unless you base your romantic ideas on the Carry On films. Immortal Romance taps into something we can all identify with and even aspire to. Wouldn’t you kill for the one you love?


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