NYX Goes 1st Down

We’d like to sound all sporty and say we’re a rugby type of person and American Football just isn’t for us. But, we can’t. Because when it comes to sports on slots, we’re really game for anything. And, right now, we’re learning a whole load more about NFL thanks to NYX and Inspired Gaming fire us into the N-Zone with its 1st Down slot. Touchdown!

Touchdown On The Slots

Thankfully, we don’t have to fully understand how American Football works to enjoy this slot. It’s got all the ingredients for a fresh new slots concept that slots fans just love, and delivers a fun gaming experience – graphics, bonus features and plenty of chances to win. But if you do like American Football then even better!

Before we get stuck in we get to choose which team we want to play as, choosing from a list of top authentic-sounding clubs, including the Cyclones, Bobcats and Comets. When we make our selection on the 1st Down slot, the reels change to match the colour and theme of the team. Then we get in to the nitty gritty. The Wild symbol will change depending on our team (again, a nice touch) and awards us a 2x Multiplier. When we intercept five coins with Multipliers on the reels, we get taken to a new screen. There we get to see a real live American Football game take place. Well, it’s not live, per se. But it’s fun watching the game come to life on the slots reels. Our chosen team fight for touchdowns or field goals and if they succeed, we get either six times or three times our stake, respectively.

Pick A Team And Watch The Action Unfold

It’s fun picking a team before we play. Not just because it changes the look and feel of the slot but because it makes us feel like the team manager. There’s a feel of Championship Manager about it, putting us in total control. So come on guys, get back out there and get to that N-Zone!

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