High Rolling Live Casino Play

The feeling of excitement, of exuding cool, of being a classy casino player isn’t only felt when going to a land-based casino. With various online casinos giving us Live Dealer games, we can enjoy this high class feeling from the comfort of our own home. And thanks to Evolution Gaming’s Blackjack Lobby, we can also enjoy being a high roller without even having to put our trousers on.

Take To The Tables

There are plenty of perks to playing live casino games. We get the dealer right in front of us, talking to us, dealing our cards and interacting just as we get in a real casino. But obviously we can play wherever we like, whenever we like. And when it comes to Blackjack, we have everything in one handy place – Evolution Gaming’s Blackjack Lobby.

In the lobby we have access to every type of Blackjack table you could imagine. That includes high rolling tables, such as Blackjack Diamond VIP where we can play £1,000 per hand! Or Blackjack Grand VIP with hands at £500 to £1,000! If you’re going to go big, go big! And EGR award-winning studio Evolution Gaming gives us the chance to do just that. It also gives us the chance to play at low rolling tables too, with betting ranges from £5 to £500 or £10 to £1,000. Imagine the type of Blackjack table you want to play at. Close your eyes. Then open them and you’ll find them right there in the lobby. Well, at least search for them, our method of blinking and opening a game hasn’t worked quite yet.

Living The Blackjack High Life

As well as having all our favourite Blackjack games in one place, we can easily select them with just a few clicks of a mouse or taps of our mobile screens. So if we want to put on our tuxedos or evening dresses to play high rolling tables and sip martinis, we can do just that. Or we can sit in our jammies and put down a fiver on the low rolling spaces. Either way, the excitement is still there. And it’s all ours.

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