Playing Perfect Blackjack

What would be the perfect Blackjack hand? Surely a split pair of eights joined by a pair of threes that we could then double to 21? But, strategy aside, is there a perfect way to play Blackjack? NetEnt seems to think so as it told us as much when it unveiled its Perfect Blackjack concept at this year’s ICE expo. It’s set to be an industry-first and could really change the way we play the table classic. But what actually is it?


With a name like Perfect Blackjack, it’s got a lot to live up to. This brand new game allows us to be dealt cards according to the perfect blackjack strategy, which takes away the necessity for our own mastering of strategy. Another big advantage of this is that it cuts the house edge down while improving our RTP. Nice!

When we first start the game, we can pre-select whether we want to auto-split or double down. Then we’re dealt the cards accordingly. With multi-seat and multiple players per box, we can sit out hands and join in when we want, while the game carries on around us. The joy of this is that seasoned players can take a seat back, watch their hands be dealt and take on the dealers and other players. Likewise, to play Live Blackjack without knowledge of strategy dramatically improve the house edge, so with this version we can see how all the strategies work, get a feel for the game and get on the road to becoming a bona fide expert ourselves. On top of all that, it’s a Live Casino game, giving us the immersive experience for which NetEnt is famed.


It’s certainly an interesting new way to play Blackjack and one that we can’t wait to try out. We’ve been honing our own tactics, but this will take a lot of pressure off. And, on top of that, we get to enjoy the high-end Live Casino experience that NetEnt delivers time and again. We could say…it’s perfect.

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