OpenBet’s Birdz Prove Their Worth

We haven’t got control over birds. Though we’d love to. Especially when we hear things like the historical theme park, Puy du Fou in France, is training its crows to pick up litter! We may not have our own flappy friends doing our bidding in the real world, but in the slots world, where it really matters, we’ve got them pecking away to give us prizes.

Who’s A Pretty Slot?

Our two-winged friends really prove their worth on OpenBet’s five reel, 30 payline slot, Birdz. And we mean it. When we begin fishing for slots wins as this game starts up we know the birds have got something special in store for us. Take for instance the actual reels, made up of telegraph wires which the birds rest upon. A range of multicoloured bird symbols all help us in their own way towards a nest of wins.

On the left of the reels we see a range of eggs stacked up to the top of the screen. This is part of the Birdz Bonus Trail. With each win we move up the trail and unveil a feature, beginning with the Shotgun, which blasts one of the birds into a pile of feathers, replacing it with another. As we move further up, we use each bonus to help us towards major wins, all while enjoying some hilarious animations.

Birdz, A Slot’s Best Friend

People might think a dog is man’s best friend but as we’ve seen, that’s not the case. Crows are picking up cigarette buts in France and on OpenBet’s Birdz slot, they’re flapping like crazy to give us a unique, fun and hugely rewarding slots playing experience. So there, we’re besties with the birdies.

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