NYX’s Great Rhino Roulette

If you’re anything like us then you’ve got a huge love for rhinos. If you’re not then in the next couple of minutes, you’ll be ordering rhino soft toys and playing some of the best online rhino-inspired slot games. Why? Because NYX has released an innovative and exotic Live Roulette game with the majestic rhino at its very core. How? Rhinoceroses may not be graceful, they may not be light on their feet, but with that giant horn on the end of their snout, they’re the closest thing we’ll get to unicorns. And unicorns equal magic.

A New Rhino Experience

So far we’ve established that rhinos are magical creatures. Sure, they didn’t appear in any mainstream magical films but it’s true that they do bring fame and glory. How? On online slots games of course! We’ve seen plenty of online slots with rhinos as the main focus. Rampaging across the reels, spins galore, African settings – they’re perfect games. The only way to improve upon it would be to transfer a rhino-based slot into a classic table game.

Oh NYX, you didn’t! They did. NYX gifts us with Great Rhino Roulette, a brand new experience. It gives us live roulette in all its glory. But this time round, it’s not just the lavish table game we get to enjoy. We get to experience slot animations right next to the dealer as we play. It’s like a full cinematic experience each time we place a bet on the table, with explosive rhino action in the background. What’s not to like?

Simple Yet Effective

Just like the majestic rhino, Great Rhino Roulette is simple and fun to play. It’s a nice variation of Live Roulette, giving us something extra to enjoy. Something we didn’t expect. And, as we love rhinos, that just makes it even better.

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