NetEnt’s Vision For MAX Slots

Sitting in a dark room, plotting on how to make online slots even better, the brains behind NetEnt are pulsating with ideas. Or at least we think that’s how they operate. Whatever the studio does, it seems to work. NetEnt recently announced an industry first. A new online slot product line – MAX slots, giving players of any level new and exciting experiences tailored to their gaming preferences. It’s the future.

Twice The Fun On MAX Slots

When it came to the release of MAX slots, we pinned down NetEnt’s Commander-In-Chief Henrik Fagerlund, Chief Product Officer at NetEnt, who said, “It’s important for us to diversify the volatility in our games to cater for different player needs. We’re certain that MAX releases will add another dimension to our already hugely popular portfolio.” Ok, we didn’t literally pin him down. This was from a press release, but the point is much the same. We can expect a whole new take on slots.

What is MAX, exactly? Well, MAX slots will come in a double game release which means casual players can enjoy the slot just as it comes. But the MAX version offers the real big bucks, with subtle differences that allow the thrill seekers out there to enjoy a slot with high win potential. Both MAX games will have similar RTPs so whatever level we are, we can still enjoy the slot. Just greater or less volatility.

Push It To The MAX

Kick starting this new era of slots is BerryBurst and Berryburst MAX. These two slots, released in August 2018, will give us the chance to try out the gaming mechanics on both versions and see which one we prefer. Will we take it to the MAX? Will you?

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