Microgaming Takes On NetEnt In The Jungle

Who said the internet is really a shrine to cats? We don’t believe it for a second. Though there is plenty of evidence to support the theory. There are scores of videos of cats online, but, equally, there are hordes of online slots based on cats. Unsurprisingly, seeing as cats are seen by many cultures as lucky. Whatever it is you seek to bring you luck in slots games we’re going to see another cat-based game come into existence as Microgaming gets set to release its Exotic Cats slot.

A Slots Cat Fight

For a while now we’ve seen NetEnt’s Copy Cats as the fan favourite when it comes to cat based slots. It’s got crazy colours, fun features and a fistful of cats. Microgaming gives NetEnt some stiff competition with its new Exotic Cats slot. Taking place in an appropriately exotic jungle, this five reel, 243 Ways to Win slot brings us a range of majestic big cats.

And we mean big. Lions, Tigers, Panthers, Leopards and Cougars guard the reels, giving the colourful and cheery cats from Copy Cats a run for their money. Even NetEnt’s Jungle Spirit slot isn’t wild enough in comparison. With a new Vertical Wilds feature, Microgaming is roaring its way past its cat slot competition.

We Ain’t Kitten

As well as Vertical Wilds, Exotic Cats will benefit from a free spins feature that can be retriggered, clawing more wins our way. And when the big cats spring to life and turn the reels wild, we know we’re in for something rewarding. Microgaming ticks all the boxes with this slot release – cats, jungle background, adventure and excitement.

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