Pay For Your Slots With Your Phone

Can you remember the days when we didn’t have mobile phones? It’s a long way to think back. But we’re not one of those complaining types. In fact, we’re the opposite. We love slots and online gaming and the technology that comes with it. All of which is enhanced with the latest and greatest mobile advancements, allowing us to play mobile slots at work or wherever we so choose. And being able to pay for things on our phone? Even better.

Pay And Play

We can pay for our groceries on our phone if we wanted to. We can use our mobiles to pay via different websites. We can buy drinks at a bar. We can keep on going with lists too but we thought we’d stop that here. However, wouldn’t it be awesome to pay for our slots experience via our phone too?

Good news everybody. You can. Right here, right now. It’s never been easier to top up your account than by using your phone via our deposit page. And it’s easy to do so. All it requires is mobile verification and then you’ll get a text with a validation code. Hey presto, you’re good to go.

An Even Easier Slots Experience

All our mobile payments are carried out using the state-of-the-art security that we use for all payments. Which means it’s safe and secure. Now you can just make a few taps of your mobile screen, add some funds and then watch them come cascading back into your account with success on your slots reels.

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