Scudamore Launches The Summer

Racing season has struck. Cheltenham might be over for another year and while the bookies have exhausted themselves running promotions left, right and centre, racegoers are no doubt already researching the massive hats they want to show off at the track next year. And while we’d love to go to the races, thanks to NetEnt’s Scudamore’s Super Stakes slot we don’t need to. Plus…we can’t really be bothered. Especially when we can enjoy the gee gees anytime we like simply by firing up this excellent slot.

Horse Racing On The Slots

NetEnt’s Scudamore’s Super Stakes slot delivers all the magic of horse racing on the slots reels. And while a horse racing slot isn’t the kind of fresh new slot concept we expect from NetEnt releases, Scudamore’s Super Stakes does showcase some innovative features. It’s not just a case of bunging in some jockey symbols and saying it’s a racing slot. Oh no, NetEnt goes the whole hog. We’ve got the jockeys (obviously) but we’ve also got actual racing and a betting slip option.

The Bet Slip feature which flashes up on the right of the screen lets us bet on how many symbols we reckon will appear within a number of spins. For example, seven symbols in ten spins. If we win our bet then boom, instant wins. And that’s alongside the Peter’s Classic Cup feature which takes us right to a racetrack. It appears when we land the Trophy Scatter on reels one, three and five and is played out over 32 paylines. We pick one of four horses, which are neatly named after NetEnt’s top slots – the ever popular Divine Fortune (should the fact that is a jackpot slot sway our pick?), Berry Max, Gonzo’s Quest and Tin Foil Hat (not sure where it got that one?).  Each quirkily named horse gives us a different reward, so we can choose how we play each time. See, who needs actual horse racing?

The Slot Of The Summer?

As soon as the sun comes out, the sports craze kicks up again. But we can enjoy it all on the slots. Football, we‘ve got Football Champions Cup and even 1st Down for those NFL fans out there. But horse racing? Thanks to Petey Scudamore and this self-titled slot, we get all the perks of racing, betting and slots. What more could we ask for? A big hat and some champagne, maybe?

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