Skillzz Gaming’s Fruit Blast Pick Me Up

Ready to blast some fruit away, Tetris-style? To see tantalising red cherries line up, explode and add more to our winning meter bar. Then it’s time to load up Fruit Blast from Skillzz Gaming and do exactly what the game name suggests – blast some dang fruit away!

The Skillzz In The Slots

If you prefer your slots unconventional, then this slot is the one for you. Played out on a five by five grid set in the middle of the screen underneath a juice bar, Fruit Blast is as unconventional as they come. We get various symbols based entirely on fruit (who’da thought it?), including Grapes, Cherries, Watermelons, Lemons and Oranges. It’s so fresh this is one summery slots adventure that is as refreshing as it can be lucrative. As the fruit falls into place and we match symbols, they explode off screen and make way for more fruit to fall into place. When this happens we fill up the Multiplier meter on the left. For instance, if we fill the Pineapple meter we score a 10x Multiplier. Tasty!

Each piece of fruit that appears in a win gives us a star. When we get enough stars, we can bonus up to the next level. The level-based slots adventure system is one that Skillzz Gaming has utilised to great effect elsewhere, not least in its Battle Mania and Mega Money Rush slots. And with each new level comes a new opportunity. Hit level five in Fruit Blast and we meet Pat, who gives us the chance to pick and win a cash prize. Reaching level 19 bags us a free game and 10x Multiplier. And it goes on and on – fruitilicious baby!

Let’s Get Our Juice On

As well as advancing through levels and watching wins squirt juicily into our account, Fruit Blast treats us to a jackpot that can give us x1,000 our bet. And there are achievements, too, which give us an extra incentive to keep on playing. For instance, we get the Juice Maker achievement for playing 100 games. Each achievement gives us more stars, which we can use to advance the levels. So much better than Xbox One Achievements! It’s time to get our juice on. I’m thirsty!

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