Slots Developers Take On World Cup

When we think of the World Cup we think football. Obviously. But we also think of everything that’s associated with it. Football fans celebrating wildly in the streets. The latest WAG outfits. Endless replays on every TV channel. But also sports betting. And why wouldn’t we? It’s one of the busiest times of the year and one when sports betting companies operate at full throttle. But slot developers can give as good as they get.

Scoring On The Slots

It’s not just the sports betting companies that can succeed this summer. We can enjoy football action on slots and casino games, too. Just take the Football Champions Cup slot, a five reel, 20 payline slot that gets us straight into the gaming action. We pick a team (Brazil, obviously), then shoot for World Cup glory with all the features this NetEnt slot has to offer. The Penalty Shootout Bonus reminiscent of FIFA as we pick a corner and take the shot or as a goalkeeper try to make saves. Then there is the Free Spins tournament where we take on other teams to make it to the final for 500 times our stake. On top of our winnings!

Eyecon Games also give us footie action with its Striker Goes Wild slot. Five reels and 25 pay-lines of pure footballing fun. Whistles, Gloves, Players and Boots make up the high paying symbols but the Striker Goes Wild feature gives us goals galore and Wild wins to match. NextGen even weighs in with its Top Strike Championship slot, just in time to nip in round the back and score at the far post.

World Cup Winning Slots

Betting companies might be popular this time of year but where’s the excitement? It’s just odds on the outcome of a game. Just one game. Well, 64 games, actually. At least with slots there’s a huge replayability factor and loads more chances of winning. We don’t have to worry about player injury either. Unless we play too much on our mobile and damage our fingers or thumbs. God forbid.

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