NetEnt Still Proves Players Favourite

Nothing beats the experience of being in a real life casino. Or is there? Fellow players, the dealer right in front of you, the interaction of it all…we can reap all of these benefits from playing NetEnt’s high standard Live Dealer games without setting foot outside our own homes. So, like many of you, we’ve had enough of naysayers banging on how land based is the base. Because it isn’t. Fact.

Online Has It All

Playing Live Dealer games online or on mobile literally caters for everything, especially with the Live Dealer games. Take NetEnt’s Live Blackjack for example. We get a glamorous dealer right in front of us, talking to us, designating our chips and replying to our conversation. And we have other players at the table too. If we want, we can sit at home wearing a tuxedo without any trousers on! And nobody’s going to throw us out.

It’s not just the whole no-trouser thing that makes us love NetEnt’s Live Dealer games. It’s the variety of games and the bonuses available too. Love Roulette gives us different betting options which we wouldn’t find elsewhere, increasing our chances of winning and adding more excitement to our gaming experience.

There’s A Reason It’s Number One

And yeah we’re going to mention the no trousers (even butt naked playing if we choose!)  at NetEnt’s Live Dealer games.  The point is that we’re at our most comfortable. We don’t feel rushed, we can trial out the games and we can take advantage of all the bonus features. And that’s why NetEnt is still number one with online casino fans.

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