Take Pride In Your Mobile Slots Play

Heather Smalls once sang about being proud and about doing what it takes to make you feel proud. And we agree, everyone should feel proud of what they are. Fitting, then, that the month of June is the annual LGBT Pride Celebration. It celebrates diversity and empowers people who have been victims of discrimination, crazy as it is to think that can still happen in the 21st century. But how do we feel proud in mobile slots world? By taking pride in diverse slots? As good a place to start as any.

Celebrating Slot Diversity

NextGen knows how to celebrate this strength with its strong female characters, none more so than as on its politically charged Renegades slot, which brings us to five female characters throughout the ages, each with various abilities. And these abilities reward us players as we traverse across five different worlds on this five reel, 243 Ways to Win slot game.

Eyecon Games celebrates diversity and empowerment too with its Fluffy Slots. It might not look like much of a celebration at first, but this slot unites different coloured creatures (Purple Hippos, Blue Rhinos, Pink Dragons and Yellow Ducks) together. This theme continues on the Fluffy Too slot, where the animals make another march towards animal unison.

Feeling Proud?

Just as Heather Smalls sang…wait…who’s Heather Smalls you ask? From M People? Sheesh, what’s the world like today? Anyhoo, we’re all about celebrating pride, no matter who you are and this is mirrored in online slots play. So you should feel proud too when you’re spinning away.

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