The Battle Of The Blackjacks

Blackjack is a table game that exudes cool. You need a level head, a good understanding of maths and a tuxedo (actually, that’s entirely optional). More importantly, you need a great Live Dealer version of the game so you can enjoy high rolling in the comfort of your own home. NetEnt’s Live Blackjack Standard High Roller is a great way to experience this, but Extreme Live Gaming provides stiff competition with its VIP Blackjack.

Living The Blackjack Dream

NetEnt is known for its huge selection of impressive online slots but it’s also got a portfolio of cracking Live Dealer games. Live Blackjack Standard High Roller brings the joys of a real-life casino straight to us. It’s not just the impressive graphics that deliver this air of realism, it’s the Live Dealers who are available. Dressed to impress (and they certainly do), these dealers will cut cards, speak to you and act the Croupier we expect them to be. We also get to play on a high roller table, meaning we can place big money bets, all whilst talking to other players using the chat feature. How more lifelike can you get?

Extreme Live Gaming goes all in to top the realism offered by NetEnt with its VIP Blackjack. As well as an actual, physical dealer for us to interact with and chat functions, we also get a range of other benefits such as high payouts and multiple camera options to give us another view of what’s going on. A high-paying Blackjack table for high rollers? This certainly is.

Which Is The Real Deal?

NetEnt has always delivered on its online games, be it online slots or traditional table games. It’s Live Dealer games deliver on that too, creating an air of realism and an immersive Blackjack experience. While that does gain our favour, Extreme Live Gaming lives up to its name by pushing the norms of Live Dealer games. The various betting menus and camera options give us more control over the ‘live’ aspect, making it an experience like no other. It’s a tough choice. And only you can decide which you prefer.

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