NetEnt’s Pro Roulette

There are plenty of online casinos out there (though none quite as good as this one!). But this means there are hundreds of variations of online table games. When it comes to finding the right one, you’re looking for one that’s as realistic to the land-based casino as possible but also one that can potentially be more rewarding, have bonus features we won’t find elsewhere and is generally all-round awesome. A big ask, right? Not with NetEnt’s Pro Roulette.

Spin When You’re Winning

As we said, there are scores of Roulette variations available, so what makes NetEnt’s Pro Roulette stand out? First off, we can enjoy the beauty of Roulette from the comfort of our homes – or from the handy comfort of our mobiles – on NetEnt’s Roulette Pro. It’s easily playable with just a few simple clicks to place our bets and spin the wheel. This variation of European Roulette allows us to enjoy a range of betting options, such as quick spins, fast play, autoplay and special bets, all of which are easily accessible onscreen.

But it’s the main features that really make this stand out as a go-to Roulette table. The Billboard on screen provides us with information such as the last results from the spin and the option to bet on hot or cold numbers – hot numbers being the four most drawn out of the last 500 spins and cold numbers the least numbers drawn. This gives us the chance to analyse our play and make our bets accordingly.

Be A Pro On Roulette

NetEnt certainly delivers one of the finest online Live Roulette experiences. Not just because of the impressive visuals and payouts, but also thanks to the extra features. Bonus options such as the Special Bet feature allows us to place bets like Red or Black Splits, adding even more to our gaming experience. And NetEnt’s sophisticated game engine does the work in collating all the recent numbers, going a long way in helping us to become a real Roulette pro.

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