The X-Men Of Live Casino Play

When we say that Extreme Live Gaming are the ‘X-Men of live casino play’, we need to get something straight. We’re not saying it’s a company run by a follicly challenged man in a wheelchair, with employees ranging from the hirsute to the ice cold to the feral. No, we’re saying that it’s got the ‘x-factor’. It’s more advanced than traditional live casino play and is something to be celebrated.

Powerful Live Gaming

Take for example, Dolphin’s Roulette, a live online gaming experience with an aquatic feel. Now that’s not something we’d ever hear at a land-based casino, unless Sea World started to branch out. It’s classic Roulette at it’s best, with a fully interactive croupier on screen. You could say it’s Roulette for the people, of the people and by the people. It’s almost as if they’re under water themselves, or at least hosting the game in a fish tank. The scoreboard and betting options are displayed on screen and fishes float around in the background. A very unique experience, not least because of the additional side bets we can place on a separate spin involving various aquatic creatures.

Just as is Extreme Live Gaming’s Golden Ball Roulette. No aquatics here but it’s another great spin (pun well and truly intended) on Roulette. On this version we get to select a Golden Ball table, place bets and then press the Golden Ball button if we top the Leaderboard. With the chance to send the ball in to the spinning wheel, can we make our own luck?

Taking It To The Next Level

Live Dealer games used to be the next best thing because of their realism and our ability to interact with the dealer. But, like the powerful X-Men, Extreme Live Gaming takes it above and beyond. Exciting themes and new bonus opportunities add more elements to live gaming. They give them the X-factor.


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